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#OTalk (Research), 2nd July 2019 Testing out the new draft RCOT Research and Development Strategy

#OTalk (Research), 2nd July 2019
Testing out the new draft RCOT Research and Development Strategy

This week’s #OTalk is the latest hosted by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) as part of its Research and Development Review, which is now drawing to a conclusion. The Review has provided the opportunity to engage with a range of constituent groups within RCOT’s membership, and to consider how the organisation supports the building of research capacity within the profession and the expansion of the evidence base informing practice. The primary output of the Review is a new RCOT Research and Development Strategy, the draft of which is the focus of this week’s #OTalk.

The chat will be co-hosted by @TheRCOT and @JoWatson22

The RCOT Research and Development (R&D) Review was launched in June 2017. Since then, we have held a series of listening events and consultations around the four nations of the UK and with a wide variety of occupational therapists including: practice-based staff, academics, researchers, service managers, consultant occupational therapists, post-graduate research students, specialist section R&D leads, members of the Council of Occupational Therapy Education Directors (COTED), occupational therapy professors and RCOT staff. We have consulted the literature and related policies across the four nations, reviewed the strategies of similar organisations and undertaken a number of focused projects including: a review of the RCOT Annual Awards, a review of the UK Occupational Therapy Research Foundation, and desk-based research scoping the research knowledge and skills related content of pre-registration education programmes accredited by RCOT.

Approximately 18 months’ work is now culminating in the drafting of the new RCOT Research and Development Strategy 2019-2024, which we anticipate will be published in early autumn 2019. As part of the process of consulting on and testing out the draft strategy, we are sharing key elements with you that we’d like to chat with you about during the #OTalk scheduled for July 2nd 2019.

You can access a summary of the core elements of the draft Research and Development Strategy here: https://www.rcot.co.uk/summary-draft-rcot-research-and-development-strategy-2019-2024

The questions forming the basis of the #OTalk discussion are:

1. Does the direction of travel set out in the draft R&D Strategy seem appropriate? If not, please try to explain why you think that is.

2. Bearing in mind the principle that we can all contribute something small to a larger collective effort, how does the draft R&D Strategy feel for you, in your circumstances?

3. How do you see yourself responding to the strategy? What actions do you think you could take?

4. Is there anything missing that you might have expected to see in draft R&D Strategy?

We are really looking forward to hearing your thoughts which will be very welcome contributions to the development of the new RCOT R&D Strategy.

Thank you.


Host: Royal College of Occupational Therapists @TheRCOT and @JoWatson22

OTalk support: @LynneGoodacre

Online Transcript#OTalk Healthcare Social Media Transcript July 2nd 2019

#OTalk Healthcare Social Media Transcript July 2nd 2019

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