#OTalk 4th December 2018 – Making Better Use of Systematic Reviews.

This month’s #OTalk Research topic is ‘making better use of systematic reviews’ and will be hosted by @KatrinaBannigan, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy at the University of Plymouth.

Here’s what Katrina had to say:

Earlier this year I was invited by the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports to write an editorial (Bannigan 2018). I chose to focus on the role of systematic reviews in developing a complex intervention. The reason for this was systematic reviews have been on the receiving end of criticism; it has been suggested that systematic reviewing has almost become a self-perpetuating industry. Systematic reviews have come to be regarded as an end in themselves which, if we do not make best use of them, they are. As with all research—and systematic reviews are research—their findings are redundant if they are not used. This is why this month’s research #OTalk Research is focussing on making better use of systematic reviews. So whether you are a student, practitioner, researcher, manager, commissioner or policy maker please join in the discussion to share your experience and/ or learn about making better use of systematic reviews.

You can read my editorial here: https://bit.ly/2LFan9s

In the #OTalk meeting we will use the following questions to structure to the discussion but please feel free to join in with other questions and perspectives:

  1. What is your experience of using systematic reviews to date?
  1. How can/should systematic reviews be used in clinical practice?
  1. How can/should systematic reviews be used in research?
  1. What are your top tips for using systematic reviews?


Bannigan K (2018) Systematic review: the first step in developing a complex intervention JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports: May 2018 – Volume 16 – Issue 5 – p 1079–1080 doi: 10.11124/JBISRIR-2017-003788

Post Chat

Host: @KatrinaBannigan

On the Otalk research support: @hooper_ek

Online transcript

#OTalk Healthcare Social Media Transcript December 4th 2018

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