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#OTalk 4th September 2018 – Creating a vibrant occupational therapy research community – the way forward?

This weeks #OTalk is on the topic of “Creating a vibrant occupational therapy research community” and will be hosted by The Royal College of Occupational Therapists and Gillian Ward (@TheRCOT and @DrGillianWard).

This is the second chat hosted by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.  The aim is to feed into the Research and Development Review being undertaken to create a new RCOT vision, strategy and action plan for research and development that is fit to guide the profession’s progress and direction of travel over the next 10 years.

The Review was launched in June 2017 and over the last year there has been a series of listening events and consultations across the country, including all 4 nations, with a wide variety of occupational therapists including; clinical staff, academics, researchers, service managers, consultant occupational therapists, post-graduate research students, specialist section R&D leads and RCOT staff.

RCOThave heard a lot about barriers and obstacles to engaging in and with research and are keen to turn this around to focus on what is working for folk; what are the small (or large) changes that have gained traction and moved things beyond ‘problem’ towards ‘solution’. One of the key themes emerging from the R&D Review and a discussion point with several contributors was a real need to invest in building the occupational therapy research community and network, with the Royal College taking a strong lead in doing this for the profession. Currently, there is no opportunity for occupational therapy researchers to come together to develop a community of practice to share their passion for research and learn how to do it better.

This is where we need your help, and that’s what we’d like to chat with you about during tonight’s #OTalk.  The questions forming the basis of our discussion are:

  1. What are the important ingredients in creating and sustaining a vibrant research culture?
  2. What networks and collaborations are important to cultivate to underpin and facilitate a culture of research?
  3. Thinking on a national level, what would a vibrant research community look like and feel like to be part of?
  4. How can RCOT help to build the occupational therapy research community and network (making no promisesJ)?
  5. What are the most effective ways to capture and evaluate the impact of an emerging research community?

We are really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas, which will be a very welcome contribution to the development of the R&D Strategy. If you get a chance ahead of the #OTalk session, it would be really helpful if you could give some thought to the ingredients that create a good environment to support occupational therapists’ engagement in and with research and how we could develop the occupational therapy research community.

We’d really love to hear all of the creative ideas that you can come up with as we move into the development phase of the RCOT R&D Strategy.


Chat host:  The Royal College of Occupational Therapists and Gillian Ward (@TheRCOT and @DrGillianWard).

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