#OTalk 19th June 2018 – Can you meet the RCOT strategic Intentions and keep occupation at the focus of your practise?

This week our own Rachel Booth @OT_rach will host the chat, following on from a pledge she made at this years Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) annual conference. #RCOT2018

During the conference we were asked to make a pledge about how we would do our part to ensure the new strategic intentions are met.

RCOT’s Strategic Intentions represent their leadership response to the challenges of the changing landscape of health and social care.

They position occupational therapy as a key contributor to the health and wellbeing of UK citizens and provide a framework for how the Royal College will support its staff, members and the wider profession.

Strategic intention 1

Position the profession, and our members, for the 21st century

Strategic intention 2

Enhance the profile of the profession to a range of audiences

Strategic intention 3

Ensure RCOT is a thriving membership organisation within which members flourish. 

You can watch the launch video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=bFF5PoVngKM

One of the things that struck me about lots of the pledges and the conference its self was the idea we need to ensure ‘occupation’ is central to our work.  I’m guilty of losing the occupation as I concentrate on all the daily tasks we are told we need to compete, and want to learn from others as to how to reintroduce this focus. 

We are the experts in ‘occupation’ and need to ensure that our practise holds this at its heart. My pledge was to host a #OTalk on what do we really mean by occupation? Hence tonights chat. 

The Questions 

Question 1 : Before tonight’s chat had you heard of RCOT’S strategic intentions? If so what are your thoughts? How do you think they could be met?

Question 2: What is you’re understanding of ‘occupation’ and it’s meaning with occupational therapy?

Question 3 How do you describe occupation to your colleagues and users of your service?

Question 4: How do you or can you ensure you are ‘occupation’ focused in your interventions?

Question 5: What if anything will you do differently to put ‘occupation’ at the heart of what you do?

Question 6: What is your pledge to meet the RCOT strategic intentions?

Post Chat

Hosting the chat Rachel Booth @OT_rach

On the @OTalk_ account for support Kirstie @kirstie_OT

Online Transcript

#OTalk Healthcare Social Media Transcript June 19th 2018

The Numbers

1.843M Impressions
516 Tweets
45 Participants
413 Avg Tweets/Hour
11 Avg Tweets/Participant

#OTalk Participants


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