15th May – Working Work into the OT Pathway.

@RCOT_work will host this weeks #Otalk

Occupational Therapists facilitate an individual’s journey to meet the goals meaningful to them. Meaning is defined by the individual, as is the meaning of work which could also mean different things to different people across their life course. This is a particularly pertinent topic with recent changes in the benefits systems, the introduction of the Government’s Work and Health Agenda, changes in the Access to Work funding opportunities, the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) OT champions and response to the Work and Health Agenda and 

Engagement in work includes engagement in learning, training and education, voluntary work, paid work, part time work, flexible working and crucially it is not an exclusive goal, as for many this may also involve the balance of personal lives, commitments and enduring health conditions. Occupational Therapists are well placed to facilitate the goal of returning to work, but also the maintenance of work. The purpose of this OTalk is to discuss about what is known about using work as a goal within practice, for Occupational Therapists who work exclusively in Vocational Rehabilitation to share their knowledge and give advice about resources to use in practice, and to ask questions to the wider OT community to find out what you want to know about how OT’s can engage with the work question, what would you like to learn from research in this area.

Questions that will lead the discussion are: 

  1. What does work as an outcome mean within the OT journey?
  2. Have you used work as a goal within practice, and if so in which setting do you work in? 
  3. What would be helpful for you to incorporate work (as an outcome) into your client/patient journey?
  4. Are there particular research questions that would help you frame your practice? 
  5. Final thoughts, any additional resources you would like to share. 

The RCOT Specialist Section for work will facilitate this OTalk and we hope that information shared within this discussion allows participants to ask the work question, and also for us to gain understanding as to what the wider OT community wish to know about work. 


Hosting Chat @RCOT_work

#Otalk admin team was Caroline @colourful_ot

Online Transcript

#OTalk Healthcare Social Media Transcript May 15th 2018

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