#OTalk 27th March – Students, practice educators and the key ingredients to a successful practice placement.

This weeks #Otalk is on the topic of “practice placements” and will be hosted by Lucy Gordon (@LucyGordon83).

Here is what Lucy had to say…

I am a final year student with four months left at Coventry University. I have been lucky enough to have three excellent experiences on each of my practice placements, in a variety of different settings. Additionally, I have seen how peer support and MDT support during a placement can make a huge difference to student experience.

It is important that qualified occupational therapists provide practice placements for students because they have a professional responsibility to provide regular practice education opportunities for occupational therapy students where possible, and to promote a learning culture within the workplace (RCOT 2015).

Therefore, I would like to host an #OTalk exploring how students and educators can create great student experiences, but also to look at what students can bring to a service. I want to understand the strategies used by students whilst on placement to help them get the most from their experience, but I also want practice educators to share what they think makes a great student and what they expect during placement.

I hope that the chat gives students, health professionals and practice educators the opportunity to share strategies, advice and knowledge, in a supportive and friendly environment.

Questions to consider:

Q1. As students, occupational therapists and practice educators, how would you define a successful practice placement?

Q2. How can students and practice educators work together to ensure student placements are successful?

Q3. What can skills and knowledge can students bring to a service whilst they are on a practical placement?

Q4. How can practice educators support students in their learning?

Q5. What tips can you share for resources you have created whilst on placement to help you develop as a student?


Royal College of Occupational Therapy (2015) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. London: College of Occupational Therapy

Post Chat

Online Transcript

#OTalk Healthcare Social Media Transcript March 27th 2018

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