#OTalk 16th January – The use of technology to enable engagement in occupation in adults with disabilities.

This weeks #Otalk is on the topic of “technology and occupational engagement” and will be hosted by Carrie Sant (@Carrie_Sant).

 Here’s what Carrie has to say…

As part of a newly created role within a charity supporting people with visual impairments, Henshaws Society for the Blind, I develop and deliver technology based assessment and training to enable older people with sight loss and other long term conditions to live more independently and engage in their valued occupations. This can include the use of specialist technology such as electronic magnifiers and text-to-speech equipment for reading, or mainstream devices such as smartphones and tablets for communication and socialisation.

I would like to know more about how other occupational therapists use assistive technology to enable the independence of their clients and service users, considering mainstream devices such as smartphones as much as our ‘traditional’ aids and equipment we would normally prescribe.

I intend to try and explore in what services assistive technology is used, who it is used by and what support and training exists in using the technology, both for the occupational therapist and the client. I would also like to identify what we consider the barriers to be to introducing assistive technology into our practice e.g. training, awareness, cost.

Q1 – What do you consider to be included in the term ‘assistive technology’?

Q2 – In what ways do you use assistive technology within your role to enable the independence or occupational engagement of your clients?

Q3 – Do you think there are any ways that assistive technology could be further incorporated into your practice to improve outcomes for clients?

Q3 – Are there clients for whom assistive technology is more or less appropriate or beneficial? How do we assess this?

Q4 – What do you consider to be the barriers to the use of assistive technology as part of your practice?


Online Transcript

PDF Transcript January 16th 2018

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