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#OTalk 24th October – Welcome to the wonderful world of occupational therapy!

This weeks #Otalk will welcome the newest intake of occupational therapy students and will be hosted by OTalks Kirstie (@Kirstie_OT).

 It’s is that time of year again, the start of the traditional academic cycle. So that means we get to welcome another batch of lovely students into the wonderful world of occupational therapy… and OTalk! Our community if full to the brim of students, clinicians, practitioners, policy makers, researchers and more, so who better to welcome the new intake?

This chat is an opportunity for new students to ask questions and get acquainted with our online community of practice. For clinicians and current students it’s a chance to share words of wisdom, resources and any hints and tips they’ve picked up along the way. It is also an opportunity to think about the future of OT education, what it might look like and how we can best prepare students and ourselves for these potential changes.

Some questions to consider:

1:         Why did you choose to study OT? What appeals most to you about the profession? Maybe you considered another healthcare profession first?

2:         What are you most looking forward to about your OT training? Clinicians, what did you most enjoy?

3:         Students, if you could ask a current student or OT any question, what would it be?

4:         What would you like to change about OT education? Would you add something? Take something out?

5:         Do you think the NHS bursary changes and Health/Social Care difficulties will have an impact of the delivery of OT training? How can we prepare for this?

6:         If you could pass on one bit of wisdom to the next generation, what would it be?


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