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#OTalk 17th October – CPD and service quality

This weeks #Otalk is on the topic of “The impact of CPD on enhancing service quality” and will be hosted by Adam Ferry and the OT Show (@AdamFerry3 and @TheOTShow).

Here is what Adam has to say…

Each year when I start formulating ideas for The OT Show CPD programme I consider what Occupational Therapists (myself included) want to take away from their experience.  Are delegates wanting certificates to demonstrate that they have simply attended; sessions that reinforce that what they are doing clinically is ‘right’; or dynamic new ideas for them to reflect on and implement within their own services?  

I always hope the latter but also accept that depending on which sector the OT is working in their motivations and professional needs may greatly differ.  My experiences within statutory services suggest that CPD becomes about meeting professional standards to support registration but in the independent sector is much more about increasing knowledge base and expertise to aid high quality intervention.  That experience will certainly not be the same for everyone and indeed if it were there would unlikely be strong specialist sections or media such as #OTalk.

This #OTalk asks us to consider what our motivations are and reflect on how effective our CPD choices have been in supporting both our personal development and that of the services we work in.

  1. CPD – Obligation or professional passion?
  2. What do therapists consider to be ‘high quality’ cpd?
  3. Does CPD directly impact positively on service delivery often enough?
  4. How do we ‘sell’ the need to be released for high quality CPD to budget holders/managers? 


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