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#OTalk 26th September 2017 – Recognition and OT.

This weeks #Otalk is on the topic of “Recognition and OT” and will be hosted by Jen Gash (@OTcoachUK) as part of the OT Show Team.

Here is what Jen had to say…

2017 has been a great year for occupational therapy in the UK: we have had the professions centenary celebrations ; the second part of the “Value of OT” project has been launched; there has been increased media coverage with OT’s getting on national TV, radio and other media too; and we have seen continued growth of OT’s working in diverse and emergent roles. Occupational therapy continues to be reported as one of the top careers with great job satisfaction, so we have much to celebrate.

In its third year, the OT Show Awards seek to celebrate and showcase grassroots occupational therapy practice in the UK. To me, these awards are about:

  • shining a light on practice that doesn’t often get seen, such as OTs who beaver away with little recognition or reward
  • showcasing OT staff who work may not be recognized by other organisations or structures e.g. early stage innovations, informal ‘research’ and perhaps emergent and quirky things too!
  • showing value beyond traditional measures of value such as saving money etc. Whose says what is of value anyway?
  • acknowledging how much we value service user contributions and of course OTTI’s/OTA’s as part of our OT team

This year the nomination process has been simplified and the award categories are:

  • Outstanding OTTI/OTA/Service User Contribution Award
  • Outstanding Occupational Therapist Award
  • Outstanding Occupational Therapy Leadership and Innovation Award

When I speak with OTs, they often find it difficult to see how amazing their work is. They find it much harder to shout about it and celebrate their practice. Other professions, other work sectors, don’t seem to feel this way. Hopefully this chat will be a good way to encourage more OTs to apply for an award or nominate someone they know.

The questions for discussion tonight are maybe a little contentious.

  1. I often feel OTs hid their light under a bushel e.g. they work away and don’t show how amazing they are. Do you agree?

2. As a caring profession, do we find “showing off” somehow distasteful or is a confidence thing or is there something else going on?

3. What makes OT practice outstanding?

4. What do you think the future of OT will see us doing, say in 30 years time?

5, If you had the resources, backing and time, what OT project or innovation would you set up?

Post Chat

Online transcript

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