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#OTalk 29th August 2017 – Assessing Toileting.

This weeks #Otalk is on the topic of “Assessing toileting” and will be hosted by Kate Sheehan (@TheOTService).

Here is what Kate had to say…

I have long been fascinated with toilets, how they are designed, manufactured and how we use them. Going to the toilet has been the butt of many a joke but no one person completes this activity the same way; we are influenced by our culture, our faith and from those who teach us to use them. So the key question this week is how do we assess this complex task?

Are we confident as therapists to really break down the task and work with our clients to make this a task that they can become independent at, or do we just skim over it as it can be an embracing problem to address?

I am hoping that this will be an opportunity to share in 140 characters or less, your thoughts and ideas. This topic is for everyone, regardless of area of practice, because we all need to empty our bowels and our physical and mental health depends on it.  

The objective of this chat is for participants to share their thoughts on how to assess toileting as a complex occupation and give consideration to:

  1. How do you assess toileting?
  2. Do we need to physically observe?
  3. How can we modify the technique?
  4. How can we influence designers to design toilets that work?

Post Chat

On line transcript

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