#OTalk 25th July – Co-Production and Occupational Therapy

This weeks #Otalk is on the topic of Co Production and Occupational Therapy and will be hosted by Hayley Bannister (@hsbannister). 

Here is what Haley had to say…

I’m a Lead Occupational Therapist working in the NHS in the North West. I’m employed by Mersey Care NHS Trust within a forensic specialist learning disabilities setting. Within the specialist learning disability division we involve service users in everything we do – from completing assessments, to completing treatment plans and facilitating groups!

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) produced an easy read document explaining coproduction:


Co-production fundamentally alters the relationship between service providers and users; it emphasises people as active agents, not passive beneficiaries. This makes it an ideal approach for empowerment and ownership of treatment and care. This level of independence and autonomy is what Occupational Therapists within our service strive for.

We use our unique core skills to support service users to engage in collaboration. A group of our service users and staff meet monthly in their role as “recovery champions” and contribute to the development of groups, sessions and to review resources. The meeting is made up of service users, support workers,  Occupational Therapists, psychologists, speech and language therapists and our participation manager.

The service users meet with professionals to develop and coproduce the resources needed to facilitate the group, including all session plans. Prior to using any resources for groups and 1:1 sessions they are agreed by service users. Service users are involved in the development of groups from the beginning. Developing the course material, delivery of the course alongside professionals and sharing lived experiences. Everything we do is coproduced!

Service users have the opportunity to attend a training session to equip them with the skills required to facilitate groups alongside staff.  We are extremely lucky to have a great Speech and language department that supports the service users to ensure resources are accessible and easy read.  As a Lead Occupational Therapist, It is important for me to promote the use of coproduction in everything we do.

So my questions to you are;

  1. What service do you work in? How often is coproduction used within your service?
  2. What do you think are the benefits of coproduction for individuals we work with?
  3. Do you think coproduction enhances Occupational Therapy practice?
  4. What are the challenges of coproducing everything we do?
  5. How can we overcome challenges of coproduction?

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2 thoughts on “#OTalk 25th July – Co-Production and Occupational Therapy”

  1. I work in a true authentic co produced way I also co deliver training for staff I am a service user who has recently become a member of staff.
    I believe its vital to work in an equal way otherwise it can feel very toxenistic. We need to harness both sets of skills to enhance whatever we are working on together. I live this way of working it will hopefully break down those them and us barriers that can exist. It isnt hard to do as long as we do it truly together.


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