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#OTalk Research 4th July 2017

This month OTalk Research chat comes to you from Michelle Perryman, @symbolic_life and the North West Doctoral Network. Supported by Emma Hooper, @hooper_ek from the #OTalk Research Team.

yellow brick

At no point would we of the North West Doctoral Network, say that we are novelist in the making. But! What we do have are stories to tell, and these stories are how we are following the yellow brick road on the doctoral research path, climbing the mountain and collecting the tools along the way. I might suggest a PhD is not a novel, but, it does make you wonder, why do people do a PhD. What is it about contributing to the knowledge base of the profession in which people work, and how has this been rewarding and challenging?

In respect to our academic minds, creative thinking and new expression, I could provide many references to theoretical perspectives upon, what we should and shouldn’t do and how we should or shouldn’t do it. However, these are just a few person’s view.

So, the aim of this OTalk Research is to open up this conversation to Occupational Therapy professionals and wider, to understand the process of engaging in doctoral studies. The OTalk Research will allow for people who are considering doing, are doing and have done a doctoral research, to come together and share their experiences. How did you get by?  How did you, or do you stop yourself from throwing your computer out of the window, or accidentally dropping it in the bath? If you are thinking of embarking upon doctoral studies what would you like to know?

So, here are a few reflective questions to ponder;

  • What drives/drove you to consider or do a Doctoral Research?
  • What support mechanisms have you used throughout the journey? How and why are these important?
  • What is the highlight of your doctoral research so far?
  • How did you or do you maintain your motivation throughout your time studying?
  • Do you have any tips to get started in finding your voice?

Many thanks for your time and wisdom, we are looking forward to creating a relaxed academic environment to have a cup of tea and a chat! Hey, you could even turn up in your pyjamas I know I intend to…

Have a wonderful start to the summer,

Michelle Perryman and the North West Occupational Therapy Doctoral Network

The following has been added by @Helen_OTUK (#OTalk Team member & Chair of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists North West Regional committee) following the launch of The Constance Owens Trust, 70th Anniversary Awards at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists North West Regional Shout about Practice event on 24th May 2017 by Helena Culshaw, Chair of the trustees.

2017-05-25 (3)

Royal College of Occupational Therapists members can find a more detailed background to the Constance Owens Trust awards in OTNews June 2017 p54.

Post chat

online transcript

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