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#OTalk 27 June 2017 – To blog or not to blog that is the question.

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Whilst still on a high from being part of the Blog Squad for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists annual conference #COT2017. I am pondering on the idea of returning to blogging as a regular occupation.

During my initial ponderings I also thought that the recent blogs from #COT2017 may have inspired other to return to or take up blogging. Therefore I would like to utilise this opportunity discuss this with the #OTalk community.

Some questions and thoughts I have had:

Have people found the recent Blog Squad posts from #COT2017 conference informative and useful? (many tweets indicate they have). If so why? If not why?

Do you regularly follow individual bloggers?

What type of blogs do you follow? Occupational Therapy specific? Wider related topics? Creative activities? Other…..

Are you currently blogging? Please share why you blog. Tip tips for blogging.

Have you previously engaged in blogging? Why did you stop?

Have you been inspired by the Blog Squad to return to or start blogging?

I also think it would be a great opportunity for #OTalk community to share which blogs they follow, or for new bloggers to let us all know about their blogs. Therefore I will ask for your recommendations and give new bloggers the opportunity to share links with information about their blogs at the end of the chat.

I look forward to chatting and sharing all things blog!

Helen (Helen_OTUK)

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