#COT2017 Your index guide to the blog posts

As you will know by now the blog squad had a very busy time writing about their conference experience. Many of the posts were published during conference and a few after and we know there are a lot.

To make it easier to find your way around here is a quick reference with links to the relevant posts.

General Posts

Introducing the blog squad

Sheffield occupational therapists prepare for conference

Be brave: 5 tips for networking as a student

My first RCOT conference


S1 Opening Plenary

S5 Unlocking Potential: occupational case formulation in a prison setting.

S7 RCOT Insights. Work, health and disability – occupational therapists as health and work champions

S10 Children and Families (research and practice development)

S11Keynote address RCOTSS Older People. Enabling a healthy and active older age

S12. Facilitated Poster Session

S25 Transforming healthcare for homeless people: the value of occupational therapy

S28 Older People Research. Lived experience of engagement in occupations by older people during the first year of widowhood & Social groups – exploring occupational engagement in older me.

S29 Elizabeth Casson Memorial Lecture. 

S30 Occupation Station. Hooked on Crochet

S30A Occupation Station. STARTwork: an art-based intervention to support people experiencing mental ill health move towards employment

S31 Combined Facilitated posters  (the occupation of cycling: an intervention for patients in rehab & recovery & promoting cycling and walking in the psychiatric rehab setting) and seminar (the value of cycling as a meaningful occupation)

S35 RCOT Insights. Media relations for occupational therapists

S38 Spirituality embedded into acute adult health occupational therapy

S39 Arthritis: products and life hack

S44 Doing beading and becoming: exploring beadmaking as therapeutic media.

S45 Facilitated Posters

S57 Don’t find fault, find a remedy. Building professional leadership in occupational therapy

S68 RCOT Debate. This house believes that diverse roles are a vital tool in the future of our profession.

S72 RCOT insights. Working in prisons – how occupational therapy can have the biggest impact.

S74 The value and meaning of a drop-in centre for asylum seekers and refugees.

S75(1) Brag and Steal. Perceptorship for newly qualified practitioners & Occupational therapists’ research engagement: enablers and challenges.

S75 (2) Interactive Journal Club

S84 Occupational Science. Exploratory study of skilled participation in embroidering & Exploring the meaning of creative writing as a meaningful occupation

S97 RCOTSS Older People Keynote: You don’t stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing. 

S90 Neurology

S92.2 Pre-post evaluation of an occupational therapist led group lifestyle and resilience course for well employees in a public sector workplace.

S98 Closing Plenary


P26.Clicking your way through continuing professional development

P33 Leadership from the ashes: influencing change and promoting occupational therapy

P54 Bridging the gap between inpatient and community within a forensic learning disability service.

P56 Creating community connections: using photography, green spaces and a hot cup of tea to improve volition and bridge the gap between the low-secure unit and the community.

P60 The changing face of Birmingham City Council’s adult occupational therapy service

P81 Participation in advanced age: enacting values, an adaptive process.

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