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#OTalk 16th May 2017 – Occupational therapy and the general election 2017

This week’s chat will be hosted by Samantha Tavender @samOTantha

Politics impacts the present and the future of occupational therapy.  Weather we like it or not, politics effects most aspects of our daily lives.  It most certainly will have an impact on the occupational therapy profession.

It impacts the number of occupational therapists who are employed and the types of employment opportunities available to occupational therapists. Policies and budgets effect the types of services we have funding to provide. Changes to pensions and pay rises may have an impact on the quality of life of professionals in the future.  There are many ways in which politics impacts the profession, but we also must consider the impact it has on the service users with whom we work with.
The first aim of this weeks OTalk is not to discuss who is voting for which party but for an open discussion to take place regarding the relevance of politics to occupational therapy and why it is important that we become involved.

The second aim will discuss how as a profession we are supporting service users before and during the general election to understand their rights, their choices and identifying potential barriers to an individual feeling involved and empowered in the process.

Suggested Talking Points:

1) What policies do you think will have the biggest impact on the future of occupational therapy?
2) When voting what policies are important to you as an individual?

3) Regardless of the outcomes of the June general election, how can we as a profession become more involved in politics and why do you think this is important?

4) Why is it important that as occupational therapists we support service users in exercising their right to vote?

5) What are potential barriers for services users to not being able to vote in the upcoming election ?

6) How can we facilitate discussions around politics to support service users in understanding how politics will impact their life and how can we support them in making informed choices?

7) Examples from current practice of how services and occupational therapists are supporting service users to vote in the upcoming election.

Links to resources:

To vote in the General Election on 8 June, you need to register by 11:59pm on 22 May 2017.

How to register:


Guide to voting by proxy DEADLINE:31st May 2017:


Royal college of occupational therapy, promoting occupational therapy during the general election:


A guide to voting from Mencap, with accessible information:

Click to access Mencap%20supporter%20guide%20to%20the%20General%20Election.pdf

A guide to voting from ENABLE:

Click to access ENABLE-and-Electoral-Commission-Easy-Read-voting-guide.pdf

Unbiased information:



Not sure who to vote for:


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