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#OTalk 9th May – Working out loud on the ‘Career Development Framework: Guiding Principles for Occupational Therapy’.

This weeks #Otalk is about the ‘Career Development Framework” being developed by The Royal College of Occupational Therapists with and project lead Dr Stephanie Tempest.

The chat will be co hosted by @TheRCOT and @SetG75.

Heres what Stephanie had to say….

Do you:

  • Want to think about all the skills and knowledge you have acquired in your career so far?
  • Want to think about where to take your learning and career next?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to either or both of the questions above, then the Career Development Framework is the tool for you.  Or at least it will be, once it’s finished!


And that is what we’d like to chat about during this OTalk.  Here at the Royal College of Occupational Therapy, we’ve spent that last 10 months working with a virtual advisory group (n=200) to co-create this exciting new resource. It is now out for consultation, which ends on Thurs 11th May. The discussions from this OTalk will form part of the consultation process (another CPD activity in itself) to shape the final framework, due for completion in Autumn 2017.

The Framework is made up of Nine Career Levels adapted from Skills for Health, and Four Pillars of Practice adapted from NHS Education Scotland (both used with kind permission). We have created a set of guiding principles for each Career level and Pillar (see the graphics below to get more of an idea).

Before the OTalk session, we are asking you to visit the following link:


There you will find the consultation document with all the details you need, including larger versions of the graphics below. We’d like you to have a go at completing the Career Profile tool (pg. 5 for tips on how to complete and pg. 6 for the tool), which currently looks like this:


Questions for us to discuss:

Which of the four pillars has your learning focused on the most in the last year?

How easy did you find the mapping process?

What surprised you / didn’t surprise you?

How clear was the wording?

What would help transfer the Framework into practice?

We really look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas as we seek to develop a practical and accessible resource for all occupational therapy personnel (support workers, students and registered professionals), in all work settings, at all career stages. Thank you.


Pillarslevel 6

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