#OTalk 30th May – Occupational Therapy and paid work for individuals with learning disabilities.

This weeks #Otalk is on the topic of “What are the considerations for occupational therapists in practice with regards to paid work for individuals with a learning disability?” and will be hosted by Erin Rolfe (@Erinnnnn14).

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#OTalk 23rd May 2017 Occupational Therapy role in supporting people with managing eating activities. 

This week Nat Jones @natlouj will be hosting the chat.

My research is focused on the experience of stroke survivors with managing eating difficulties (Jones 2016) however more broadly I am passionate about how Occupational Therapists can support children and adults to manage eating activities. I am interested in your views on the role of Occupational Therapy is in this area, what strategies are successful and which assistive devices help?

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