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#OTalk Research – Tuesday 7th March 2017

March’s #OTalk Research will be hosted by Dr Karen Morris and supported by Nikki Daniels (#OTalkResearch team).

Intro Blog Post:

I believe that occupational therapists are curious beings. We all have passions and things that excite us within our work, things that we want to pursue, niggles that we want to find out more about. Research can be a hard and lonely slog, made easier through remembering what inspired us to start the journey and the support of others.

The inspiration for this #OTalk is an article by Doris Pierce, one of my heroes. Whilst I do not always fully understand the complexity of her writing on first reading, I find her work inspirational. Within this particular article, Pierce explores the development of occupational science research through the metaphor of construction. She discusses the need for strong foundations hidden below the ground (descriptive research), followed by walls (relational research comparing different variables) before the roof can be built and supported (predictive research). I like this idea as it reinforces the need to strong qualitative research to underpin good quality quantitative research – both are equally important and cannot exist without each other.

The Journal of Occupational Science have kindly given us permission to share Pierce’s article with you should you be interested in reading it prior to the #OTalk (although this is not required for you to take part).

Article removed following chat

Pierce D (2012) ‘Promise: The 2011 Ruth Zemke Lecture in Occupational Science. Journal of Occupational Science 19(4), pp298-311

This #OTalk will consider:

  1. Who inspires you with their research and why?
  2. What do you think are the strengths of our current research ‘building’?
  3. Where (and how) would you like to see our research building strengthened?
  4. What do you think of the idea that qualitative research is the foundation for quantitative research?
  5. If you had a million pounds what area of OT research would you invest it in?
  6. Who do you think are the key architects in OT research and why? What about the builders?

Post chat

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