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#OTalk 24th January – Attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities

This weeks #OTalk is on the topic of “attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities” and is being hosted by Allison Sullivan (@allisulliOTprof)

Here are some questions to consider:

1: Do you feel that your education prepared you adequately for treating medically complex patients, particularly when those clients have significant cognitive deficits?

2: Have you ever been frightened when initially encountering a patient w behavioral health issues such as intermittent explosive disorder, sexually aggressive behavior, and/or psychosis? Do you feel you are adequately prepared to address these issues in rehab & other non-psychiatric settings?

3: Do you believe your university or employer has an obligation to train/educate you regarding addressing these issue in non-psychiatric settings?

4: Have you ever assessed your own attitudes toward people with intellectual disability using a standardized assessment tool?


online transcript

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