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#OTalk Research – 10th January 2017

The first #OTalk of 2017 is an #OTalk Research Chat.  We hope you can join us on Tuesday 10th January between 8pm-9pm.

Hosted by: Dr. Mary Birken, Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Occupational Therapy, Plymouth University

Supported by:  Jenny Preston

“Occupational therapy practitioners enter the profession to help improve people’s lives, but how do we know that our treatments work?” – Lin, 2013.

To test if occupational therapy works we need to do research, ultimately randomised controlled trials to evaluate the effectiveness of occupational therapy.

The need to demonstrate robust evidence of clinical and cost effectiveness of occupational therapy in mental health has been identified by commissioners of services, occupational therapists and managers as highlighted by the review of the Recovering Ordinary Lives Strategy (Smyth, 2014).

Other areas of occupational therapy practice have carried out successful randomised controlled trials and as a result feature in NICE guidance in that practice area. As an OT researcher in mental health I would like to discuss with OTs how we -occupational therapists in mental health- can pool resources, knowledge and skills to carry out research and feature in NICE guidance in mental health?

Questions to be discussed during this OTalk Research session are:


  1. OTs, commissioners & managers identified the need to demonstrate cost & clinical effectiveness of OT in mental health- what next steps do we need to take to do this?


  1. Are there existing forums/networks that can help us to do this research?


  1. Is the concept of community of practice a useful one that could support this?


  1. Who else do we need to collaborate with to make this happen?


  1. Following on from the previous qs, what is the next step for us?



Lin, S.H. (2013) Special Issue on the Accelerating Clinical Trials and Outcomes Research (ACTOR) Conference. American journal of Occupational Therapy. 67 (3) 135-137.

Smyth G (2014) Recovering ordinary lives: the successes, challenges and future. OTNews 22(9) 22-23.

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