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#Otalk 29th November 2016 -Role emerging Occupational Therapy.

This weeks #Otalk topic is ‘Role emerging OT, friend or foe?’ and will be hosted by #OTalk Team member Kirstie (@Kirstie_OT).

Over recent years there has been an increase in Occupational Therapists working in broader roles such as team managers, honorary consultants, prescribers, discharge facilitators, case managers, care coordinators and within charities.

With OT having such a wide span of knowledge, training and experience it is a profession for the lifespan. This combined with it’s holistic approach means OT has plenty to offer so it is no surprise that OTs are now branching out from the traditional confines of acute and community care.

While these roles are a prime opportunity to show the world what we are capable of, are we doing our protected titles and the profession a disservice by taking on these generic roles?

Some points to consider:

What are the opportunities within these types of roles? Is this our chance to shine and show the true value of what we do and what OT has to offer?

What are the potential difficulties for OTs working in these settings? Lack of OT specific supervision? Could this lead to a loss of professional identity? Could there be a role conflict?

How can OT and occupation still be at the heart of our practice in role emerging and generic settings? Should we even be thinking and working occupationally if were not actually employed under the title of Occupational Therapist?



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