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#OTalk 27th September 2016 – Welcome to OT: The Student Journey!

This week’s #OTalk is being hosted by Kirstie (@KLO2_Kay), who is the current #OTalk student digital leader intern.


Topic: Welcome to OT: The student journey!

This month, countless universities across the country welcome another batch of enthusiastic and passionate Occupational Therapy students.  These batches come in all shapes and sizes and are filled with students from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of experiences, but what do they all have in common and will always have in common? People and occupation!

Every OT out there has been through what these students are about to embark on in one form or another, so what better way to welcome the new intake than with a reflective #OTalk! This is a great opportunity for the OT community to pass on their wisdom and offer up the chance for any students to ask questions about the journey they are about to take.

For any new students out there feel free to jump in ask any questions as the hour goes on, be sure to let everyone know who you are and where you’re studying.


Some questions to consider:


1: Why did you choose OT?

2: What are you most looking forward to about your OT training/What did you most look forward to?

3: Quick fire round! If you could ask another OT anything what would it be?

4: What was your greatest moment/experience during training, were there any light bulb moments?

5: If you could pass on one bit of wisdom to the next generation what would it be.


Last September the lovely Kelly (@otonthetracks) made the video “Welcome to OT’ where OTs and OT students shared some experiences of using Twitter and participating in #OTalk so if you’re a new student be sure to check it out!

If you are new to Tweetchats and #OTalk, our handy guide of hints and tips to get you started is another useful read.

There will also be some of the #OTalk team around to support you, so if this is your first #OTalk or you have any questions or queries about joining in just shout and we will help if we can.


Hope to tweet with you all soon!



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To join in the chat on Tuesday between 8pm-9pm (UK time), use the twitter hashtag #OTalk in your tweets.

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