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#OTalk 16th Aug 2016 – OT Show 2016 – Chat 1

“Much of the CPD provided by The Occupational Therapy Show has previously been clinically focussed so that delegates can take what they have learnt back to practice to provide a more enhanced service to their clients.

For 2016, while there will still be plenty of clinical focused seminars, there will also be seminars looking at research within Occupational Therapy. The College of Occupational Therapy states that “It is clear that occupational therapy research will take place within a number of overarching contexts, and prime consideration must be given to the following aspects when developing research questions:


Gaps in the existing knowledge base can only be identified for research from a thorough literature search and systematic review of existing evidence

Government priority areas are the main drivers for much supported research activity

Occupational therapists should focus individual research endeavours within larger programmes of research, maintaining awareness that funders prefer multi-professional research”.


With seminars hosted by Avril Drummond, Dr Claire Ballinger, Suzanne Martin, Dr Jo Fletcher-Smith and Lynn Legg, they will provide you with all the information you need to get into research, being able to translate research effectively, what research has done for Occupational Therapy and much more.


Questions to be discussed tonight , and explored in more depth at the show are:

Why should clinical OTs be interested in research?

How would you start doing your own research?

Do you find it difficult to understand current research papers?

How could you get involved in research without losing clinical skills?

What has research done for OT?


Make sure to attend The Occupational Therapy Show on 23rd and 24th November 2016 to find out more.”


Tonight’s hosts are:

@AvrilDrummond1 and @TheOTShow


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PDF of transcript: #OTalk 16 August 2016

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