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#OTalk – 2nd August 2016 – The identity and role of an occupational therapist working in the charity sector.

On the 2nd August 2016, at 8pm (UK) for other time zones Michelle Gersh @mershy73 will be hosting #OTalk. Michelle would like to explore the roles and identity of other occupational therapist that work with in the charitable sector.

Michelle has suggested some questions to get you thinking about this topic:

It has become more and more common for occupational therapists to take up emerging roles within the charity sector. If you are one such occupational therapists, have your experiences been positive or negative?

If you are not working in the charity sector do you know other occupational therapists that do or have you considered it?

What are the unique rewards of working in the charity sector?

What are the unique challenges of working in the charity sector?

Are your skills as an occupational therapists recognised by your employer?

How do you maintain your identity as an occupational therapist?

How do you maintain your continuing professional development if working in a non occupational therapist role?

What are your experiences of supervision within the charity sector?

I hope this chat will connect like minded occupational therapists and create new ideas and opportunities for further development as well as pave the way for tomorrow’s occupational therapists who are still in training.

Post Chat Updates:

Online Transcript from HealthCare Hashtags. 

PDF of Transcript: #OTalk – 2nd August 2016

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