#OTalk Research Chats

#OTalk News Flash – OTalk Research Chats.

OTalk Research.

Over the last few months there have been discussions going on behind the scenes of OTalk about an exciting new development. We are pleased to announce that as from October the first OTalk of every month will pick up a research related topic to support the promotion, use and conduct of research in the day to day practice of occupational therapists. So the first OTalk research chat will be 4th October 2016.

A sub-group of the OTalk team has been formed to lead this slot comprising Lynne Goodacre, Emma Hooper, Jenny Preston and Nikki Daniels. Information about the team can be found on the about us page. All of the team have a strong commitment to focusing on promoting research within a clinical setting and to ensuring that the talks are relevant, accessible to all and, like all the OTalks, great fun to be part of.

OTalk Research will run in exactly the same way as every other OTalk and we would encourage anyone interested in leading a talk to submit a proposal in the usual way. by completing the application form. The scope of the talks will be broad and might include a topic like choosing an outcome measure, or a focus on a specific method of data collection such as conducting great interviews or be related to developing a clinical academic research career like making an application to NIHR. The scope is endless.

We are all excited about this development and hope you are too.

Lynne, Emma, Jenny and Nikki.


The #OTalk team would like to take this opportunity to say welcome to Lynne, Emma, Jenny and Nikki. We are very pleased to have you onboard and look forward to this exciting development.  `

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