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#OTalk – 2nd August 2016 – The identity and role of an occupational therapist working in the charity sector.

On the 2nd August 2016, at 8pm (UK) for other time zones Michelle Gersh @mershy73 will be hosting #OTalk. Michelle would like to explore the roles and identity of other occupational therapist that work with in the charitable sector.

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26th July 2016 Medical Tourism and Occupational Therapy

This week @Sweet_Hiral will be hosting #Otalk

Medical Tourism is booming these days. People are willing to get medical services from best possible care facilities/organizations but lower prices. The definition suggests, “As the cost of healthcare began to rise in industrialized countries, particularly in the United States, the face of medical tourism began to change to include individuals seeking affordable and timely alternatives to surgery or treatment in their home countries” (Bennie, 2014) and such needs created the idea of the Medical Tourism. According to Kher (2006), “Medical services in India are particularly affordable, with prices as low as 10% of those in the United States” (as cited by Horowitz, Rosensweig, & Jones, 2007, p. 2).

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#OTalk 12th July 2016 – Our #OTMoments

My sister, also an OT, but not a Twitter faring one,came up with this topic. I thought it would be fun for us to share our OT journeys through recollection of some key #OTMoments, it might also be helpful for those looking to study the profession, and those newly graduating, and well, all of us as a little reflection.

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#OTalk Research Chats

#OTalk News Flash – OTalk Research Chats.

OTalk Research.

Over the last few months there have been discussions going on behind the scenes of OTalk about an exciting new development. We are pleased to announce that as from October the first OTalk of every month will pick up a research related topic to support the promotion, use and conduct of research in the day to day practice of occupational therapists. So the first OTalk research chat will be 4th October 2016.

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