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#OTalk 28th June 2016 Live from #COT2016 – Making the Connection.



Making the Connection.

This weeks chat will be hosted live from the College of Occupational Therapist annual conference in Harrogate. The chat will follow on from the Social Media Networking Event, which the #OTalk Team are supporting. So if you want to come along and support the event, meet with your fellow tweeters then please pop along. For those stopping on for the chat we have arranged some nibbles to see us through the chat. Got to have snacks for #OTalk!

We thought it would be an excellent opportunity to explore how the use of social media (twitter & #OTalk) is utilised by the community with a focus on ‘connections’. For all those not at conference, sorry we won’t see you at the networking event, but we can certainly tweet you there and the #OTalk will be the usual format just some of us will be together in Harrogate.

Some pre chat questions to get you thinking….

  • What do you use social media for?
  • What is important to you when making decisions about which platforms you use?
  • How do you connect social media to your CPD activities offline?
  • How do you connect your online learning and offline communities, colleagues, teams, employers etc?
  • What connections have you made online that impacted on your offline activities?
  • What collaborations are you involved with that have benefited, yourself, clients, services etc?
  • What are your top tips for ‘Making the Connection’.

We hope to see lots of you at conference, but we also look forward to chatting with everyone not at conference as usual. If you are online between 18.40-19.25, do drop us a tweet with #OTalkonTour so we can share with our great community whilst we F2F network.

Also we have an exciting development for #OTalk which we will share with everyone during #OTalk 20:00-21:00 as usual.  

Those of the #OTalk Team attending conference @Helen_OTUK, @OT_rach, @OTontheTracks and our shiny new student digital leader @Kirstie_OT will be sporting these great little bags (thanks to @OT_rach for organising them) so you should be able to spot us.


@kirstyes and @GillyGorry will be tweeting in with us, unfortunately @GeekyOT has other plans for the Tuesday evening, but will be joining us at conference Wednesday and Thursday so look out for her too!

Any thoughts, questions or general chatter give us a tweet!

Post Event Updates

Tweets from #OTalkonTour at #COT2016. <<<click link

Post Chat updates from the #OTalk chat.

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#OTalk Participants

Online Transcript from Healthcare Hashtags. 

PDF of Transcript: #OTalk 28 June 2016

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