#OTalk 28th June 2016 Live from #COT2016 – Making the Connection.



Making the Connection.

This weeks chat will be hosted live from the College of Occupational Therapist annual conference in Harrogate. The chat will follow on from the Social Media Networking Event, which the #OTalk Team are supporting. So if you want to come along and support the event, meet with your fellow tweeters then please pop along. For those stopping on for the chat we have arranged some nibbles to see us through the chat. Got to have snacks for #OTalk!

We thought it would be an excellent opportunity to explore how the use of social media (twitter & #OTalk) is utilised by the community with a focus on ‘connections’. For all those not at conference, sorry we won’t see you at the networking event, but we can certainly tweet you there and the #OTalk will be the usual format just some of us will be together in Harrogate.

Some pre chat questions to get you thinking….

  • What do you use social media for?
  • What is important to you when making decisions about which platforms you use?
  • How do you connect social media to your CPD activities offline?
  • How do you connect your online learning and offline communities, colleagues, teams, employers etc?
  • What connections have you made online that impacted on your offline activities?
  • What collaborations are you involved with that have benefited, yourself, clients, services etc?
  • What are your top tips for ‘Making the Connection’.

We hope to see lots of you at conference, but we also look forward to chatting with everyone not at conference as usual. If you are online between 18.40-19.25, do drop us a tweet with #OTalkonTour so we can share with our great community whilst we F2F network.

Also we have an exciting development for #OTalk which we will share with everyone during #OTalk 20:00-21:00 as usual.  

Those of the #OTalk Team attending conference @Helen_OTUK, @OT_rach, @OTontheTracks and our shiny new student digital leader @KLO2_KAY will be sporting these great little bags (thanks to @OT_rach for organising them) so you should be able to spot us.


@kirstyes and @GillyGorry will be tweeting in with us, unfortunately @GeekyOT has other plans for the Tuesday evening, but will be joining us at conference Wednesday and Thursday so look out for her too!

Any thoughts, questions or general chatter give us a tweet!

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Tweets from #OTalkonTour at #COT2016. <<<click link

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#OTalk – 21st June 2016 – Seating Patients with a Bariatric Condition ​

Obesity is becoming a worldwide challenge with a growing number of people becoming overweight. According to a recent global study that reviewed the prevalence of obesity in the world, 2.1 billion people (close to 30% of the population) are overweight or obese, putting themselves at risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

According to another study, the number of severely obese patients quadrupled between 1986 and 2000 from 1 in 200 to 1 in 50 people.

Close to 10% of medical spending is spent on bariatric patients. For the healthcare system, this presents a unique challenge.

Moving and handling concerns are magnified with bariatric patients due to their size and weight and the risk of injury to staff and patients alike. There is also a lack of proper bariatric seating available, meaning a person is often spending significant amounts of time in bed. However, in bed, the ability to do simple tasks such as reading, writing and personal care is greatly reduced.

In addition, inactivity due to bed rest can result in a 10-20% decrease in muscle strength per week. For patients spending prolonged periods of time in bed, this reduces their ability to sit upright, stand and walk, leading to longer hospital stays and increased costs to the healthcare system.

We’ve discovered from speaking to clinicians, physiotherapists, nurses and occupational therapists across the world during training sessions and at industry shows, that there is an increasing need for guidance and support when dealing with patients with a bariatric condition who have low mobility. There is currently a lack of both proper equipment to optimise postural support and pressure redistribution, and understanding of how to best treat this patient category
Common Mistakes and Challenges
The most common challenge for clinicians in seating patients with a bariatric condition, is in getting the measurements of the patient correct. This can be often a daunting task and clinicians might require extra help from another clinician to make sure the measurements are as accurate as possible.
Points to think about in advance of #Otalk 21st June 2016
• What are the challenges you face when seating patients with a bariatric condition?
• What extra complications can this present concerning:
o Patient and caregiver safety
o Dignity of patient
o Keeping the patient as independent as possible
• Consider the benefits of getting patients with a bariatric condition up from bed rest into a suitable seat on overall health and wellbeing and how we can best encourage this
At Seating Matters we are working hard to educate clinicians on best practice, our guidance is available on our website http://seatingmatters.com/bariatric-seating/

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Announcement: Student Digital Leader Intern Position Filled!

The #OTalk team are thrilled to announce that after a brilliant application, Kirstie (@KLO2_KAY) is going to be joining the team as the new #OTalk Student Digital Leader Intern.


We asked Kirstie to introduce herself to the community… Here’s what she said:



Hi there! My name is Kirstie; I’m a 2nd year Occupational Therapy student and an Occupational Therapy practitioner currently working in Dementia. My areas of interest include the therapeutic use of Lego, Animals as therapy and of course the use of social media for role promotion and shared learning experiences. When it comes to the professional use of Twitter I strongly believe in its versatility and accessibility and when used correctly and well, it is an untapped source of knowledge and opportunity.


Even when using social media for professional purposes I still feel there should be an element of ourselves shared as that is part of what makes us the type of professionals we are. If you have ever stopped by my Twitter profile (@KLO2_KAY) you will have seen frequent Occupational Therapy and healthcare related posts interwoven with those about cats, food and the traditional student moans and groans, as that is pretty much what sums me up as a person! Part professional and part normal human being (Most of the time!).


If you are at #COT2016 you can meet her in person at the Social Media Networking Meeting: #OTalkonTour. But in the meantime please show Kirstie some OT Love on twitter and welcome her to the crew.


#OTalk 14th June 2016 – The R & D Board, Research and You

This week Bel Youngson (@OTBelY) will be hosting #OTalk, focusing on The R & D Board, Research and You. Bel has written the introductory blog post below:


The role of the College of Occupational Therapists’ Research and Development Board includes:


  • Supporting the development of research capacity and promotion of funding opportunities for occupational therapy research through partnership working


  • Promoting the importance of robust evidence of clinical and cost effectiveness, and the availability of the knowledge base of the profession via local, regional and national facilities


  • Providing leadership to the profession and informing the development of high quality services that are responsive to the research and information management needs of members, and


  • Promoting research topics that are of policy and professional priority to research-active members.


Raising the profile of research in occupational therapy is being promoted by the Board in a number of ways. In the first of several articles on research in OT News, Mandy Sainty R & D Manager, talks to OT academics to see whether it is possible to combine a clinical and a research career (March 2016, pp32-33). Other articles relating to research are due to be published in OT News in June and September 2016. In addition Pauline McDonald, R and D Officer, has produced a series of research blogs on the BAOT blog. These can be found at https://baotcot.wordpress.com/author/baotcot/ .

The R and D Board will also be holding a networking meeting at the COT Annual Conference – All you ever wanted to know about research! – in Harrogate on Tuesday 28 June 2016 from 18.40 – 19.25, to which you are invited.

In order to inform direction and be responsive to the needs of occupational therapists the following questions in this OTalk session will be discussed:

  1. What would help you get more involved in research?
  2. Do you know what support is available for you to get involved in research?
  3. Do you know what resources COT provides to help with research?
  4. How as a profession can we ensure that the skills that pre-reg students learn in research can be taken forward into practice?

Members of the R & D Board will be on hand to help answer questions and sign-post to resources


Join us on Tuesday at 8pm (UK time), to join the #OTalk discussion. 

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#OTalk 7 June 2016 – How to make the most out of your attendance at the 40th College of Occupational Therapists (COT) Annual Conference

How to make the most out of your attendance at the

40th College of Occupational Therapists (COT) Annual Conference

Harrogate 28 – 30 June


Whether you are attending conference for the first time or have been before this #Otalk may be for you. I am @SLawsonOT; the first COT conference I attended was in Manchester in 2007, I was a student in my second year of the part time course at Glyndwr University who was lucky enough to win a free student ticket. An occupational therapist who is my friend and mentor suggested I should attend if I had the chance as it was on our doorstep and it was something I should do at least once in my OT career…


Here I am 9 years later about to attend for the eighth time, I have attended both as a delegate in my role as a community occupational therapist with the local authority and as a presenter as part of the @TRAMmCPD team, this year @HearleD and I have poster P137 ‘Are you and your team really engaging in CPD’ (you can read our abstract in COT Conference Book of Abstracts 2016 p135).


Conference is a fantastic opportunity to learn, reinvigorate your passion for occupational therapy, network, meet members of COT and the ‘movers and shakers’ of the occupational therapy world. There will also be lots of opportunities to meet in person the people you know on Twitter and from #Otalk.


I believe that this year there are more delegates (1100+) attending than ever before and I have been asked by several people for hints and tips. I think #otalk is an ideal forum for everyone, for first timers to share their concerns and ask questions and for those more experienced to offer some hints and tips.


You are more than welcome to join the chat or lurk…


Are you attending #COT2016 for the first time?

  1. What questions would you like to ask those who have been before?
  2. What are your concerns?
  3. What are you most looking forward to?
  4. Do you know that there are sessions that are specifically aimed at those attending for the first time?


Have you attended annual conference before?

  1. Have got useful hints and tips for others?


For everyone:

  1. Why are you attending this year?
  2. How will you ensure you make the most from this CPD opportunity


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