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#OTalk 31st May 2016 – Hearing Loss Awareness for Occupational Therapists – How can wecommunicate better?

#OTalk 31st May 2016 – Hearing Loss Awareness for Occupational Therapists – How can we communicate better?

Date:  31/05/2016   Host: @mooartdotcom, @EarChoice & @H1H2H0

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11 million people in the UK have some form of hearing loss meaning

Occupational Therapists need to consider hearing communication needs

for 1 in 6 people they work with. This affects professionals working

in all settings as hearing loss is affecting increasingly younger

adults due to rising environmental noise and earphone use.

Research has suggested even mild hearing loss doubles the risk of

developing dementia, depression and anxiety. Hearing loss has also

been linked with heart disease, diabetes and falls. Yet an estimated 9

million people are currently in a period of transition, lasting on

average ten years, between first experiencing hearing loss and seeking

professional help.

The impact of acquired hearing loss during this transition period can

lead to social withdrawal, activity avoidance and reduced

participation. This can affect employment, engagement in meaningful

activities and access to health and social care services.

As Occupational Therapists we have a professional responsibility to

ensure our service users’ are properly informed and communication is

client-centred and meets individual needs. However there is currently

a limited evidence base for how best to meet the needs of those with

hearing loss and awareness of hearing loss amongst health

professionals remains low.

We feel Occupational Therapists have the skill set to address the

impact of hearing loss on daily life. An OTalk will be held on 31st

May to start the discussion on what Occupational Therapy can offer

people with hearing loss across all settings. We are hosting this OTalk

to raise awareness of hearing loss in the community but also to hear

your feedback, experiences and suggestions relating to this important


Susan Windeatt & Helen Duncan

@mooartdotcom / @EarChoice / @H1H2H0


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