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#OTalk 29th March OT – Shifting CPD Focus

Shifting CPD Focus

Date:  29/03/2016  Host: @Kirstyes

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So what does this concept of Shifting CPD Focus mean?

The simple answer is many things, however the idea for this chat came about from shifts I made personally into using my CPD time to explore more occupational science than clinical occupational therapy concepts, particularly in relation to my own life. [Note: Although I was working as an academic when I made this shift it has continued to remain part of my CPD now I am back in clinical practice – along with developing my clinical and conditional knowledge]. Not only do I think this shift has reinvigorated me in terms of my own health and wellbeing, I think it had led to me being re-enthused by the underpinning philosophy of the profession and also to starting to make changes to the way I practice that I hope benefits clients.

This #OTalk, however, is about more than that and there are more shifts in focus that I think we can discuss. We’ll see how the chat goes but here are some shifts that I’ve identified and maybe there are others I’ve missed. In the chat I would love for people to share how they manage these shifts and ask for advice with shifts in focus they might be struggling with.

The ‘answer’ is probably going to be to balance where we direct our focus but we all know theory is different from putting it in practice.


Occupational Therapy Theory vs Occupational Science Theory

You vs clients/others

Internal vs External

Present vs Future (and not forgetting the Past)

Clinical vs Research

Considering things at the Client, Therapist and Service Level

Thoughts and Feelings vs Theory and Action

The Day Job vs The Profession

Practical vs Theoretical

Online vs Offline

Paid vs Unpaid

Putting it into Practice – Occupational Balance and other related concepts

Quality vs Quantity

Condition and Symptoms vs Occupational Effects

Reflection – Models vs Creative Methods


The first question of the night will be – Looking at the list of ‘Shifts in focus’ which struck you as ones you would like to explore and are there any others that you can think of.

And then we’ll take it from there.

I hope you enjoy the chat and that it opens up more ways for you to engage in CPD practices that are fulfilling, meaningful and of benefit to you and your clients.

Kirsty @kirstyes

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