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#OTalk 15th March 2016 – Preparing for Placement

Preparing for Placement

Date:  15/03/2016   Host: @mrsdebt77

Blog Post  –  Transcript 

As my first placement is fast approaching, I want explore the benefits of role emerging placements versus more traditional placements.

We are told in order to promote and develop the profession, an element of risk in stepping away from the ‘traditional’ OT settings, and creating new less known roles are needed, to pave the way for future OT’s to continue down the road less travelled.

However, these placements have brought about much initial anxiety on OT students, where a role structure is not available and so feel that they are not ready for autonomous working.

Occupational Therapy is more established within the NHS and Social Care sector, with greater investment in research. There can be a clear expectation of a placement role with supervisors on hand for questions and reflections, and some students want this type of placement to gain experience in the area they wish to work upon qualification. Though, does this type of placement disadvantage students from acquiring problem solving skills, as protocols and procedures are already in place?

For Role Emerging placements, the ability to work beyond a person’s illness and their treatment, develop confidence from autonomous working and gain skills for employability beyond the NHS, can facilitate professional identity. On the other hand, is it expecting too much of a student to apply justification and clinical reasoning for interventions whilst in training?

What placements work best for students?

Are role emerging placements suitable for all students?

What are the benefits of working in the private or voluntary sector? And what extra skills are required from students?


Deborah Tunnicliffe @MrsDebT77

Yr1 BSc Occupational Therapy Student

University of Derby

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Healthcare Social Media Transcript

PDF of Transcript: #OTalk – 15 March 2016

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Following the chat Shelagh Creegan @ShelaghAHP sent us an email highlighting some resources she felt would be of interest in relation to this chat. Thanks Shelagh.

”Following on from last night’s chat, I am forwarding a list of resources (below) which I wonder may be of interest to the followers of #OTalk.
It includes a 5 minute film clip about a role emerging placement for OT students split between the Fire Service and Community Mental Health Service for Older People.
It also includes links to publications, posters and press releases …  not forgetting the #OTalk on these role emerging placements in August 2015.”

Here is a link to the film clip:,-publications-and-useful-links/occupational-therapy-placements-with-the-scottish-fire-and-rescue-service.aspx

I have also appended below some links to various media articles and other sites in linked to the placements:

Fire Service Placements Knowledge Slide

Student Placement Poster

And finally here is some articles regarding the E-learning module launch:

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