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#OTalk 23rd Feb 2016 – Maintaining mental health in an acute hospital setting

Maintaining mental health in an acute hospital setting

Date:   23/02/2016  Host: @laurareidot

Blog Post  –  Transcript

Are Occupational Therapists able to maintain psychological well-being in physical acute hospital settings?As a newly qualified Occupational Therapist (OT) it was embedded throughout university to be client-centred, provide choice all whilst looking at the individual holistically (COT, 2015) and I was very eager to start fulfilling this role.
My first post as a qualified OT is in an NHS acute hospital whereby the OT’s main role is to increase patient’s independence to facilitate safe discharge from hospital. There is a great pressure to get patients out of acute hospital beds once medically fit– this can often mean that the role of maintaining patient’s psychological well-being is often forgotten possibly due to a lack of resources or time constraints. This could potentially lead to an increased number in admissions as evidence suggests decreased mental well-being is linked to a decrease in physical well-being (Department of Health, 2011), especially throughout long hospital admissions.

In the NICE guidelines (2011) there are a number of quality statements that emphasise the need for patients to engage in meaningful and appropriate occupations daily whilst in hospital yet in reality this doesn’t always appear to be happening.

Do you think OT’s in acute physical settings are truly able to work holistically on the wards?

What do you think the barriers/implications are to maintaining psychological well-being in a physical hospital setting?

How do you address psychological well-being in acute hospital settings?

Ares OT’s involved in activities/groups on physical hospital wards or do other professions take the lead?

Hope to see you there on Tuesday 23rd February at 8pm!

Laura Reid, B5 OT- @laurareidOT


College of Occupational Therapist. (2015). Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. London: COT.
HM Government. (2011). No Health Without Mental Health: A cross-government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages. London: Department of Health.
National Institute of Mental Health (2011) Service User Experience in Adult Mental Health. Available at: [Last accessed 10-02-2016].

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2 thoughts on “#OTalk 23rd Feb 2016 – Maintaining mental health in an acute hospital setting”

  1. A very good question which sadly is often neglected due to time constraints and pressures on hospital LOS. However there are ways of incorporating wellbeing which OTs are good at. i look forward to the discussion later


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