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Tuesday 16th Feb 2016- Ask not what your regional committee can do for you, but what you can do for your regional committee.

Ask not what your regional committee can do for you, but what you can do for your regional committee.

Date:   16/02/2016  Host: @OT_Rach

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This weeks #Otalk will be hosted by the current chair of the Northern and Yorkshire regional committee, and newly appointed Otalk team member Rachel Booth @OT_rach

The closing date for nomination to BAOT regional committees is this month on 26th February.

I became involved in my regional committee soon after qualifying in 2006, but 10 years on, still have weekly conversations with OT’s who are not aware of regional committees, or their role.  I in part blame myself for this, and in one of my last acts as current chair for the Northern and Yorkshire regional committee I aim to improve awareness and encourage others to get involved.

I truly believe our profession is worth fighting for, and if you value, occupational therapy, it is your duty to become an active member of the British Association of Occupational Therapy, and avoid becoming a moaner, actions speak loader that words. Once you get involved in BAOT you understand how valuable your monthly membership fee is in keeping the profession alive, but COT/ BAOT needs more that your monthly contribution it needs your action.

You can do this is so many ways here a few –

  • attending and presenting at national conference;
  • writing for BJOT and OT news;
  • joining and getting involved in sectional sections,
  • and of course, getting involved in with your regional committee by attending a meeting, offering to write something for the regional newsletter, offering to help plan a local CPD event or standing for a position with your regional committee.

In this weeks Otalk, I hope to inspire you to become involved.

The first part I will be asking questions  of those how have chosen to join in the chat

Don’t be put off if you know little about regional committees this is your chance to learn,

Questions during the chat will ask if you have hard of your regional committee?

What you think they should be doing with your region?

I am hoping others from regional committee’s across the county will be joining in and this is your chance to ask them questions.

Louise Cusack @louisecusack from COT whose role it is to to manager regional committees and specialist sections, is also hoping to join in although this will be her first twitter chat so please bear that in mind.

In the mean time if your interested in finding out which region you’re a member of, what vaccinates they have and how to apply please visit the below link, you will need to login to your BAOT account to access.




Post Chat Updates.

On-line transcript of chat from Health Care Hashtags

PDF of Transcript

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