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#OTalk 9th Feb 2016 – Should there be changes to the way OT is taught in the UK?

Should there be changes to the way OT is taught in the UK?

Date:  09/02/2016   Host: @hawki1989

Blog Post –  Transcript

This week’s @OTalk_ will be hosted by @hawki1989 (Thomas Hawksworth) on the topic of ‘Should there be changes to the way OT is taught in the UK?’ It looks to be an interesting discussion topic. Hopefully see you on Tuesday at 8pm (UK time) for #OTalk.

You can find Thomas’s intro blog post below:



Following the spending review by the government in the UK in November 2015, students applying for Occupational Therapy courses will see grants replaced by loans, leading to educators and professional bodies concerns that access into vital health careers would stagnate.

Interestingly, Janet Davies CE of the Royal College of Nursing, has stated that she is concerned that this will potentially direct nurses into other careers paths and this ‘link severing’ between universities and the NHS might impact the right number of future professionals, being in the right place, with the right skillset.

As these changes take place, this has also led to conversations about what is being offered as a ‘product’ by the universities and how this might differ; in terms of placement, in terms of content and in terms of projected destinations for students.

How can universities plan for the smooth transition from this severing? How might the curriculum change – and should it?

As newly-labelled consumers, should the student population want more from their education? Thinking back as students, is there anymore you would have wanted from your education had you needed to pay for it?

What can we learn from other countries in terms of how they teach OT to students without an NHS as a funder and shareholder?

Should role emerging placements become the norm?

Looking forward to this discussion – Tuesday at 8pm

Thomas Hawksworth @hawki1989


BBC (2016) Student nurses and midwives protest over grants cuts [Online] Available at: (Accessed on 2nd February 2016)

College of Occupational Therapist (2015) College of Occupational Therapists Response to the Comprehensive Spending Review [Online] Available at: (Accessed on 2nd February 2016)

Royal College of Nursing (2016) RCN Students march in protest at student bursary cuts [Online] Available at: (Accessed on 2nd February 2016)

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