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#OTalk 26th Jan 2016 – Digital Assistive Technology: an essential skill for ALL OTs

Digital Assistive Technology: an essential skill for ALL OTs

Date:  26/01/2016  Host: @PTerrer

Blog Post –  Transcript

Below @pterrer shares her introductory blog post to this topic.

My friend Melanie Burroughs encouraged me to apply to host an #OTalk on digital assistive techonology (my area of speciality). The aim of the tweetchat is to advocate for the development of basic essential skills in digital assistive technology for ALL OTs, regardless of their area of practice.



I’ve written a blog post about it here – http://pterrer.com/2016/01/10/digital-assistive-technology-the-unique-contribution-of-occupational-therapists/

Please join us on 26th to discuss the themes raised in Patricia’s post and how they might apply to your are of practice.


Healthcare Social Media Transcript – Online

#OTalk Healthcare Transcript Jan 26 16 PDF

The Numbers

1,627,136 Impressions
634 Tweets
63 Participants

#OTalk Participants


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