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#OTalk 5th January 2016 – ResOTlutions 2016 (&Apply to Host)

ResOTlutions 2016 (& Apply to Host)

Date:  05/01/2016  Host: @Helen_OTUK

Blog Post  –  Transcript

It’s January, which means another year has flown by.

We are starting the year on #OTalk with chatting about what you’d like to achieve in OT this year – and helping each other to make these achievable goals.

Bill Wong also suggested using the chat to review how you got on with any resOTlutions you made last year.

If one of your resOTlutions is to host an OTalk – you can use our brand new form to apply to host right here. We presently have most dates available including next week so you could get a resOTlution ticked off straight away.

One of the team’s resOTlutions was to expand the team and we are very happy to announce that Rachel Booth – @OT_Rach has agreed to join the team full time, and we will be looking to add new team members over the next few months. Whilst talking about Rachel please do send her all healing tweets – and read her blog post on seeing things from the other side.

We are still working on the research and if we are honest I think we all really needed a bit of a break at the end of last year so huge thanks go to:

Rachel Booth @OT_rach
David Davies @Dai2584
Nichola Duffy @Nnikki_Duffy
Deborah Harrison @DebbiiHarrison

for all of their support.

See you all tonight – let’s make 2016 the best year for Occupational Therapy yet!!!

Post Chat Updates:

The Numbers

1,004,481 Impressions
351 Tweets
42 Participants

The Healthcare Hashtags Transcript can be found here

PDF of the transcript: #OTalk 5th January 2016 – Healthcare Social Media Transcript

#OTalk Participants

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