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Planning CPD Goals & Activities. #OTalk 22 September 2015.

Planning CPD Goals & Activities

Date:   22/09/2015  Host: @Helen_OTUK

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Continuing professional development (CPD)

The Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) define continuing professional development (CPD) as
‘a range of learning activities through which health and care professionals maintain and develop throughout their career to ensure that they retain their capacity to practice safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice’.

For many of the #OTalk community it is that time of our registration cycle that we must renew our registration with the HCPC. As of 14 September, 55 per cent of the UK’s 36,219 registered occupational therapists had renewed their registration. Have you?

For me this is a trigger to review my two year forward plan. Although this is an ever changing and developing plan, I do like to start the cycle by considering and building my two year forward plan. Am I the only one?

So I thought it would be a good idea to have an #OTalk to share methods for building our plans.

Q1. Do you have a strategic plan of your goals and activities?

Q2. What are your starting points?

Q3. Within the our CPD plans we can include activities for current and future practice, how much consideration to future roles do you allocate to your CPD plan?

One of the elements that I consider is the variety of activities that I engage in.

Q4. How do you plan for engaging in a variety of activities?

It would be great to share the different activities that we engage, this can provide feedback form others and generate ideas that we can all consider including in our forward planning.

Q5. What activities have you found most useful?

Q6. What activities have you found most interesting? (Dare I say fun?)

I look forward to chatting and sharing all things CPD planning with you.

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PDF of Transcript  #OTalk – 22nd Sept 2015

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