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TV or Not Tv?… That is the question. Exploring TV Watching as an Occupation.

TV or Not Tv?… That is the question. Exploring TV Watching as an Occupation.

Date: 15/09/2015  Host: @GillyGorry

Blog Post  –  Transcript

Tonight’s Chat will be hosted by @GillyGorry and we’ll be exploring TV watching as an occupation.

Questions –

  • Is watching TV an ‘occupation’ for you? If yes why, if no why?
  • What are the potential positives for watching TV?
  • What are the potential negatives for watching TV?
  • Could/have you use TV as an Intervention?

This topic was suggested by @otonthetracks and it got me thing about whether I considered TV watching as and occupation and what the possible positives and negatives are for me. Here’s some of my thoughts…


  • Learning – I often keep up to date on current events or watch documentaries or cooking programs, which I learn from and can often result in the baking of a cake, or further research.
  • Family time – ‘MOVIE NIGHTS’ are a big thing in our house, and it’s about much more than what we watch.
  • Developing communication skills, raising awareness or gaining understanding about others and their situations. As a child my Dad regularly put one flew over the cookoos nest on for me and my sisters (It was and still is one of my all time favourite films, which I watched again at the weekend) My Dad suffers with a mental illness and I believe this was his way of introducing us to this and having a better understanding of his world. I would highly recommend watching this to OTs, when I watched it on Saturday I thought  ‘McMurphy would have made a great OT.’.
  • It provides shared experiences that I can talk to others about.
  • It can help with establishing routine.
  • It can take us through a whole range of emotions.


  • It can be a procrastinators worst enemy
  • It can be time consuming
  • Not an active occupation ( I’m not saying I blame TV watching for my expanding waist line… but it doesn’t help)
  • It can be a lonely occupation
  • It can be a mindless activity (not sure that’s always bad)
  • It can cost a lot of money
  • It can be a barrier to communication and relationships
  • Certain programs/topics can be upsetting
  • It can affect sleep.

Personally I try to keep a good balance, and mostly feel the positive benefits of watching TV, but I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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