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Transition from Student to Clinician 2015 : hosted by @GillyGorry

Transition from Student to Clinician 2015

Date:  25/08/2015   Host: @GillyGorry

Blog Post  –  Transcript

Yes it’s that time of year again, when we have an influx of new OTs into our wonderful profession and when those who graduated last year suddenly realised they’ve been living the dream, and have been OTs for a year. I’ve been an OT for 3 years now and was a student when I first started with #OTalk. My personal transition has been both terrifying and enjoyable and I think  the transition to confident practitioner doesn’t really have a time limit and everyone’s experience is different. Tonight’s chat is about sharing experiences, offering advice and support and a chance for those entering the profession to ask some questions.

I’ve wrote a list of questions, but please feel free to throw your own out there, I’m sure our fabulous community will be happy to help.

Q) What was your biggest worry when starting out, and how did you over come it?

Q) if you’re a new Grad what are you excited, worried or nervous about? do you feel ready?

Q) OTs,was ‘the job’ what you thought it would be?

Q) Do you work in the area you expected to?

Q) What is your top piece of advice for a new grad?

Q) Did you have enough support if your first year? if not, why?

Q) With hindsight, what would you have done differently during your transition?

Chat soon,


1 thought on “Transition from Student to Clinician 2015 : hosted by @GillyGorry”

  1. I got my first and dream job within a stroke service 7 months ago now! Still learning every day! Have an amazing team who support me immensely with my learning and transition to competent practitioner. ..

    Advice…. If you start out in a complexed specialist area, learn from your peer OTs, take notes on how they relay their expert knowledge to patients on theor condition, treatment, ax, anything really!…. as often it seems so much more professional and precise than how I may have approached something, think it comes with practice but doing that has definitely helped me feel more confident in a specialist area as a new grad…


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