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#OTalk – 18th August 2015 – Reflection in Practice.

Reflection in Practice

Date:   18/08/2015  Host: @Helen_OTUK

Blog Post  – Transcript

Hello OTalkers, this week we would like to explore the topic of reflection.

Reflection and reflective practices are referred to during many of our chats and daily interactions. So we thought it was time to delve a little deeper into what do we mean when we refer to reflection.

Some questions to stimulate thought and discussion…

What does reflection mean to you?


When do you reflect?


Why do you reflect?


Do you use a model?


Do you only use a model?


What forms can reflection take?


Are there benefits of utilising more than one form of reflection?


How do these thoughts translate in your everyday lives?


What are your three top tips for reflection that you would like to share?


Looking forward to exploring this on Tuesday at 8pm. <=== click if you are not in the UK.

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The transcript of the chat can be found here: Healthcare Hashtags Transcript 
PDF of transcript: #OTalk Transcript 18 Aug 15

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