#OTalk 1st September 2015 – Writing Conference Abstracts

Sarah Bodell will be hosting this week’s chat on behalf of the COT conference planning committee on @OTSalfordUni.The chat will be an opportunity for you to discuss abstract submissions and to get tips and advice on how to be successful.

To prepare for the chat you can find the COT submission guidelines here.

And there’s a video recording of a recent webinar (approx 15 minutes) here.

So, whether you are new to submitting abstracts or an old hand please join us to ask your questions or share your experiences.

See you in September!!

Chat transcript link and PDF.


Transition from Student to Clinician 2015 : hosted by @GillyGorry

Yes it’s that time of year again, when we have an influx of new OTs into our wonderful profession and when those who graduated last year suddenly realised they’ve been living the dream, and have been OTs for a year. I’ve been an OT for 3 years now and was a student when I first started with #OTalk. My personal transition has been both terrifying and enjoyable and I think  the transition to confident practitioner doesn’t really have a time limit and everyone’s experience is different. Tonight’s chat is about sharing experiences, offering advice and support and a chance for those entering the profession to ask some questions.

I’ve wrote a list of questions, but please feel free to throw your own out there, I’m sure our fabulous community will be happy to help.

Q) What was your biggest worry when starting out, and how did you over come it?

Q) if you’re a new Grad what are you excited, worried or nervous about? do you feel ready?

Q) OTs,was ‘the job’ what you thought it would be?

Q) Do you work in the area you expected to?

Q) What is your top piece of advice for a new grad?

Q) Did you have enough support if your first year? if not, why?

Q) With hindsight, what would you have done differently during your transition?

Chat soon,


#OTalk – 18th August 2015 – Reflection in Practice.

Hello OTalkers, this week we would like to explore the topic of reflection.

Reflection and reflective practices are referred to during many of our chats and daily interactions. So we thought it was time to delve a little deeper into what do we mean when we refer to reflection.

Some questions to stimulate thought and discussion…

What does reflection mean to you?


When do you reflect?


Why do you reflect?


Do you use a model?


Do you only use a model?


What forms can reflection take?


Are there benefits of utilising more than one form of reflection?


How do these thoughts translate in your everyday lives?


What are your three top tips for reflection that you would like to share?


Looking forward to exploring this on Tuesday at 8pm. <=== click if you are not in the UK.

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The transcript of the chat can be found here: Healthcare Hashtags Transcript 
PDF of transcript: #OTalk Transcript 18 Aug 15

#OTalk E-Portfolios Revisted: How are you recording your CPD?

Tonight we’ll be revisiting E-Portfolios (as suggested by the community) Here’s the link back to last years blog and chat transcript https://otalk.co.uk/?s=e+portfolio

With the possibility of HCPC audit looming, are you ready with your CPD? We would like everyone to share how they’re recording CPD and their OT experience.

Did you start and e-portfolio? Have you kept it up? What are your like and dislikes?  Do you feel audit ready? What tools do you use?

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