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#OTalk 21st July 2015 – Getting Ready for HCPC CPD Audit

Getting Ready for HCPC CPD Audit

Date:  21/07/2015  Host: @trammcpd & @Kirstyes

Blog Post  –  Transcript

Thanks to Sarah Lawson for writing today’s pre-chat blog post 

Did you know that Occupational therapists are due for their biennial HCPC audit this year – August – October to be exact! 2.5% of us will be randomly selected to submit our CPD profile. (HCPC, 2012)
Join @OTalk_ and Sarah Lawson from the @TRAMmCPD team (www.TRAMmCPD.com) to chat about how you’re getting ready for audit.

CPD is a personal journey, to be effective you need to Tell others, Record and apply your CPD Activities, Monitor your progress and measure the impact. The TRAMm Model is a dynamic, interactive model to facilitate a strategic approach to CPD for HCPC registered health and care professionals. It provides a framework to facilitate your CPD journey. It reflects how individuals learn, absorb and apply new experiences.

The TRAMm Tracker provides a template to structure, plan and record CPD whilst highlighting any learning needs. The TRAMm Trail provides a method to record in a little more depth the most significant pieces of CPD and can be used alongside your favoured method of reflection. The TRAMm Model, TRAMm Tracker and TRAMm Trail are collectively known as TRAMmCPD (Lawson et al, 2014 & Hearle et al, 2015)
Questions for Discussion 

1. Will you know what to do and what is expected of you if you get THAT letter through your door?

2. Do you know where to get help and resources from?

3. Do you know what the HCPC Five Standards for CPD are?

4. How can TRAMmCPD help you with the HCPC Audit?

5. Do you know what type of evidence you can submit?

6. Do you know how to measure the effectiveness of your CPD?

7. What are you most concerned about?

8. If you are not selected this time for audit what are you going to put in place over the next two years so that you are ready next time CPD audit comes around?



Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) (2012) Your Guide to our Standards for Continuing Professional Development. London: Health and Care Professions Council


Hearle, D, Lawson, S & Morris, R (2015) The TRAMm Model: A Strategic Guide to CPD for Health and Social Care Professionals. Keswick: M&K Publishing (In Press)


Lawson, S; Morris, R; & Hearle, D. (2014) A Continuous, Dynamic and Strategic Journey. OT News 22(5) p34


Please find link and PDF of chat transcript.

3 thoughts on “#OTalk 21st July 2015 – Getting Ready for HCPC CPD Audit”

  1. Hi I am a newly qualified OT working in mental health and I am interested in any advise regarding gathering evidence for my CPD portfolio


    1. Hi Deborah, do head over to twitter and check out the #OTalk hashtag from this evening. We’ll be posting a transcript of the chat soon too.
      Of course, if you are newly qualified you’ll be exempt for this audit cycle, however it’s a great idea to start collecting and keeping your evidence up to date now.
      There are the CPD4OT and TRAMm groups on Facebook you might find helpful too.


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