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#OTalk 7th July 2015 – Celebrating Service/Innovation with The OT Show 

Celebrating Service/Innovation with The OT Show

Date:   07/07/2015  Host: @TheOTShow

Blog Post  –  Transcript

This week’s #otalk is hosted by Mike Hulse from The OT Show @TheOTShow.

Backgound:In most industries and professions, there is a constant need for service and product innovation and development, whether this is to improve profit, efficiency, enhanced customer/client experience or a mix of these.


This is no different for Occupational Therapy; as more and more people require OT services, ways of working may need to change in order to keep waiting lists down, particularly within an NHS or Social Services setting where budgets are more limited and cuts are happening more often, putting a greater demand on the service.



With all the successful service developments and innovations that have been occurring recently within OT, but not necessarily promoted within the profession, the Occupational Therapy Show has put together an awards programme which will celebrate and acknowledge successful individuals and teams within OT.


One particular category of the Occupational Therapy Show Awards is the Outstanding Service/Innovation Award, and would like to celebrate the individuals or teams that recognise a need for development/innovation within OT, and actively seek to provide a new service/product which works towards reducing or potentially eliminating any issues OTs/clients may encounter. To make a new service successful, it is vital for an individual or team to plan effectively, therefore, the Occupational Therapy Show Awards are looking to understand what an individual/team’s objectives were when developing a new service/product and what the desired outcome was to be? We would also seek to understand the impact made within a department and to your clients, and if objectives are being/not being met? We are also interested in whether new services/products are being evaluated and assessed on a continuous basis so further improvements are being made?


Jen Gash from OTCoach who will be co-ordinating the awards and chairing the panel of judges says “there is so much great work happening out there and many OTs work without due recognition or reward. These new awards are a chance to celebrate the work of OTs”.


Panel judges:


Robert Birmingham, Independent OT

Liz Waterman, Retired from J Webb, but now Private Business Consultant

Anna Clampin, Course Director MSc Occupational Therapy Coventry University. Previous Head of Education and Learning for COT

Teresa Buchan, Head of Practice development, Kent & Medway NHS


The winner(s) of each award (not per person) will receive a prize of £250 to go towards enhancing your CPD.

The DEADLINE for submitting your entry is 31st July 2015.

Entry forms must be emailed to Mike Hulse on or before the deadline ( For more information, visit



Questions to consider when looking at developing a new/innovative service (and to guide this #otalk):


How do you recognise the need for service improvement/innovation?


Should you include the OT team’s input in developing a new/innovative service?


What can you do to ensure that your desired outcomes are relevant to the department, clients or both?


What measures could you put in place? Or are any measures needed?

Please find the link and PDF of the chat transcript

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