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#OTalk 16th June 2015 – Tweets Against OT

Tweets Against OT

Date:   16/06/2015  Host: @Kirstyes

Blog Post  –  Transcript

In tonight’s #OTalk we will be trying something a little different and having some fun. 

Tweets Against OT will be our version of Cards Against Humanity – If you’ve not played before check out this website for more details.

The rules will be simple. From the #OTalk account I will tweet out some starter lines that call for an answer, or for you to fill in the blank/s (If I run out of ideas I might need you to make some suggestions too). You respond to each starter with your funniest response that fits in a tweet (with the hashtag #otalk). At the end of the chat we’ll pick the funniest combination/s based on a popular vote – so make sure you reply to the correct starters.

Here’s one starter that I’ll tweet at some point tonight just to give you an idea and to get your creativity flowing – If you invented an OT model it would be called…

Please remember to follow your codes of conduct but also to poke fun at our fabulous profession too.

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