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#OTalk 14th April is a Welcome Kelly #OTeaParty

Welcome Kelly OTeaParty

Date:   14/04/2015  Host: @Kirstyes

Blog Post

We are very happy to announce that after an excellent application and a most gruelling interview (that included questions about being kidnapped by snowmen!!) Kelly Murray has been sorted into the role as #OTalk Student Digital Leader Intern. The hat ummed and ahhed between Gryffindor and OTalk and Kelly has decided to go with a dual house identity.

Here is Kelly’s bio:
I’m excited to be able to introduce myself to you all. I’m Kelly Murray (@OTontheTracks), and I’m the #OTalk Student Digital Leader Intern. I’m currently in my first year of the MSc (Pre-Reg) Occupational Therapy at the University of Cumbria, and I’m enjoying the varied programme and placements I have had encountered so far. I am passionate about understanding what makes occupations meaningful to each individual and love to hear their life story along the way. I am also really enthusiastic about social media so you can imagine how thrilled I am to be starting this opportunity with #OTalk.

When I’m not tweeting or studying I enjoy socialising especially if it involves tea and cake; and can also often be found playing board games whilst trying to shield my over competitiveness from other players. I look forward to getting involved with all things OT and #OTalk over the next few months with you all.

Find me on Social Media:




And to welcome her into the fold next Tuesday we will be having an #OTeaParty – an informal chat where we can get to know each other a little better, come up with some more ideas for future chats and generally have fun.

So please show Kelly some OT Love on twitter and welcome her to the crew.

Transcript of the chat – there were lots of ideas for future chats including one around Fresher’s week to welcome new OTs to the profession – don’t forget to contact us to arrange your hosting experience.

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