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#OTalk – 3 March 2015 – Photography.


Date:   03/03/2015  Host: @Helen_OTUK

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During February a new OT Facebook Group was launched Photos4OT. This got us to thinking about the topic of photography and thought it would be good chat topic too. So we will be dedicating the chat at 8pm on the 3rd Match 2015 to the broad topic of photography. (click to check your local time).

The Photos4OT group has the following description:

This group is part of the suite of Facebook groups created by occupational therapists for networking.
Here, you can post photos under the general topic of Occupational Therapy and on specific topics, such as:
Occupation and participation;
Occupational Therapy intervention;
Tools for Occupational Therapy;
Occupation Therapy outcomes;
You can add other topics.
Be creative.

Do join if this is an area you wish to explore further.

During the chat on the 3rd March please share your photographs, idea. thoughts and of course any resources you may have.

Some idea to get you thinking:

Are you a photographer?

What do you do with your photographs?

Do you only use photography in your personal life or have you used it therapeutically?

Have you been involved in any photography groups? Do you plan to? This could be a great chat to ask questions or share your idea?

To get the sharing going I completed the 366 challenge in 2012, I shared one photograph a day, every day, for a year. Helen’s 366 for 2012 I am considering doing this again in 2015. Please share if you have done this or any other photography related projects.

Please be mindful that all photographs shared will be public. Do think about privacy and permission to share.

You are reminded to respect copyright laws and the intellectual property of any photograph you share during the chat. Adherence to copyrights laws or intellectual property will be responsibility of the individual who posted the content.

The photography used in this post was from a royalty free sharing site and uploaded by Wilma Birdwell

If you would like to use your participation in the chat for your CPD please take a look at our resources section.

Post chat updates:

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Healthcare HashTags Online Transcript. 

PDF #OTalk – Healthcare Social Media Transcript 3 Mar 2015

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