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#OTalk – 3rd February 2015 – Surfing and PTSD

Surfing and PTSD

Date:   03/02/2015  Host: @DebbiiHarrison

Blog Post  –  Transcript

Deborah Harrison (@DebbiiHarrison), occupational therapy lecturer at University of East Anglia, and Dr Nick Caddick, sports psychologist from Loughborough University, will be hosting an #OTalk on the 3rd of February at 8pm GMT based on Carly Rogers’ TEDx Talk: ‘Surfing – Infinite Possibilities to Heal’ (link opens in new window). In her talk, Rogers talks about her work as an ocean lifeguard, occupational therapist and surfer, using surfing as a therapeutic medium to heal.

Below is an excerpt from Deborah’s blog post that discusses Ocean Therapy and refers to research by Dr Caddick and Carly Rogers:

Millions of pounds of corporate and charity money are being channelled into sport in the UK for people with combat injuries; but do we know that this money is being spent in the best way? Do we know what really works in recovery and why?

In my last blog I talked specifically about motorsport but in this one I’m going to discuss sport and extreme challenges more generally. Involvement in sport as a part of rehabilitation for combat injury is mainstream these days. There are numerous inspirational and moving accounts of young people being saved from near death on the battlefield and then going on to achieve the extraordinary. Excelling in athletics, climbing mountains, rowing the Atlantic and tackling extreme off-road racing are all examples. This is a positive development on many levels, for the individuals finding a new purpose in life, because of the many people who are inspired by these stories and for the challenge to negative views of people with disability in society.

So all good? Not necessarily.

Full text available on her blog.

Here is the link to Dr Caddicks’s web site with references to his work:

And finally, a link to a charity in the UK delivering surfing for PTSD:


1.       Are occupational therapists working with veterans with PTSD?

2.       What interventions are OTs using with veterans and/or people with PTSD?

3.       To what extent are OTs using sport in their practice?

4.       Are there any questions for Dr Caddick about his research methods or findings?

5.       How important is the ‘green gym’ or ‘blue gym’ in OT practice?

6.       What evidence base are OTs referring to for their interventions?

If this is your first tweetchat, check out this page for a beginner’s guide to tweetchatting and contact Clarissa (@GeekyOT) – who will be supporting the chat – with any questions you might have.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the chat:

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You can read the transcript here, or download the PDF.

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