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#OTalk – 27th January 2015 – Stigma


Date:  27/01/2015   Host: @Dai2584

Blog Post  –  Transcript

This week’s #OTalk will be hosted by Dai Davies (@Dai2584) on the topic of stigma. 

As usual, the chat will take place on Twitter using the #OTalk hashtag at 8pm GMT (click the link to find out your local time). If you’re new to tweetchats, check out our guide for participants and contact me (@geekyOT) if you need any extra help getting to grips with #OTalk.

Here is an excerpt of Dai’s blog post. Please visit his blog for the full post: ‘Challenging Stigma in Healthcare‘.

Stigma is present in all aspects of our society and it can severely affect people’s meaningful participation in our society and quite frankly put, sometimes, insurmountable barriers for people to be part and feel part of our communities.

I want you to think about a few questions before the chat:

Have you been stigmatised and how did this effect you?

  1. Did you challenge this and how?
  2. Have you witness stigma affecting a patient’s recovery?
  3. Did you challenge this and how?
  4. What way does society stigmatise our patients?
  5. Have you challenged this and how?


Thank you to everyone who joined in tonight’s chat:

The Numbers

1,151,329 Impressions
596 Tweets
63 Participants

You can read the transcript of the chat at the Healthcare Hashtags website or download the PDF.

Don’t forget to document your participation. Visit our blog for a template you can use for your CPD portfolio.

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