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#OTalk – 6th Jan 2015 – Journal Article Review

Journal [Media] Club – OJOT Journal Article

Date:  06/01/2015   Host: @Kirstyes

Blog Post  –  Transcript

Please read this article in preparation for tomorrow’s #OTalk Relationships Among Occupation/Activity Patterns, Health and Stress Perceptions, and Life Orientation in Well Adults Open Journal of Occupational Therapy Barbara Prudhomme White and Amy Ma. Happy New Year Kirsty

Discussion Topics for tonight

Here’s a link to the Perceived Stress Scale –

And here’s a link to the Life Orientation Test – R which looks at optimism/pessimism –

What is your opinion on these scales, what are the pros and cons of using self report measures?

Looking at the 85 activity items how varied do you consider your overall activity level? Are there any activities that you would like to increase engagement in, in 2015?

Considering optimism and pessimism – how fixed a trait do you think this is? In your experience what might influence this – have you had experience of activity levels impacted on your orientation in any way?

Considering this was completed with well adults how can you apply this to practice? How could it be useful in your clinical area?
What challenges can you see to asking about unhealthy activities and how might you overcome these?
There is a mention about preparing clients for intervention by exploring their life orientation, can you think of some ways that you can do that?

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